5 Book Club Gifts

5 Book Club Gifts

Book clubs bring people together over their shared love of literature, and they make for a great excuse to catch up with friends and enjoy some good conversations. Book club friends are some of the best friends.

One way you can show appreciation for your fellow readers is by giving them thoughtful book club gifts!

Let us show you how to choose the perfect present that is sure to bring smiles and lots of comfort when curled up with a great book from their new gift!

Here are five great book club gift ideas that any book club member would truly appreciate! Here at Pretty Peacock Paperie we celebrate the love of reading and produce high quality gifts, including gifts for book lovers!

  1. Book Babe Tshirt  

White tshirt that says book babe



Everyone knows that a t-shirt makes the perfect gift!

If you know a bookworm woman in your life, surprise her with the ultimate gift: a Book Babe t-shirt. Not only is this t-shirt incredibly stylish, it’s also meaningful. This is a cute option for a trendy book lover.

Repping a t-shirt with “Book Babe” inscribed right on it will send her the message that she should proudly showcase all of the knowledge she has gained while reading.

Plus, she can wear it to all of her book club meetings and inspire others to be book babes too!


  1. A Cozy Throw Blanket for Those Chilly Nights Spent Reading

Nothing is better on a chilly night than curling up with a good book and a cozy throw blanket. Whether your preferred spot is the couch or your bed, having an extra layer of warmth can make all the difference in how comfortable you feel as you dig into a good story.

Throw blankets also make wonderful gifts for people who love to read - combined with a bottle of their favorite wine (or tea), it gives them just what they need to settle down and enjoy an evening at home.

This will be the best part of the day and it's the perfect way to relax.

It's sure to be one of their favorite additions to their reading routine!

  1. Funny Pencil Set

Light Pink wooden hexagon pencils that say Just Fucking Write in gold on one side. Imprinted.


If you’re looking for something special to give someone, consider a funny pencil set!

This pencil set is a perfect gift for friends, family members, or colleagues with a great sense of humor. Funny book club gifts are always a favorite.

The pencils are perfect for taking notes in class, book club meetings, or even highlighting books while reading. Or you can keep them on your desk for a bit of humor.

Not only will the pencils put a smile on your recipient’s face, but they’ll also come in handy for their everyday activities too! Inexpensive gifts can also be a great gift.


  1. A Journal for Taking Notes at Book Club

Hardcover Journal that says You Hold the Power on the front. Color scheme is nude, beige and black

Keeping track of books you read is an important part of book clubs, especially when discussing favorite parts and characters. Writing book notes in a journal can be a great way to remember what you learned and keep track of your reading.

Then write down any notes as you’re reading the book – from favorite quotes to personal reactions – so everything will still be fresh when everyone comes together to discuss the book.

Who knew taking book notes could be so much fun? Book club friends may be jealous of your cute journal!


  1. A Book of the Month Subscription So Members Can Receive New Reads Every Month

A book of the month subscription makes a wonderful gift! No need for the library anymore.

Imagine the joy of receiving a new book each month, and being part of a book club without having to leave your home.

Not sure what book to choose? With this book-gifting subscription, you'll get recommendations from experts in literature every month for your next read.

Gift someone special with a book delivery every month - it's guaranteed to bring tons of joy and much-needed escape! More books please!

Conclusion about Book Club Gift Ideas

With these five items in this gift guide, any book lover is sure to feel joy! Most of these are great inexpensive book club gifts. Whether you love classic novels, romance or even cookbooks, these gift ideas will be loved. The best book club gifts will always bring a smile to a reader.

Whether it's a cozy throw blanket for those chilly nights spent reading, a new T-shirt to let everyone know what they enjoy doing the most, a funny pencil set to adorn their desk, a journal to take notes about the book, or even a Book of the Month subscription so they can receive new reads every month - anyone who loves books will no doubt appreciate these thoughtful gifts.

Books bring love and delight into our lives, and with this ultimate collection of bookworm goodies, we hope that your gift recipient can be surrounded by all that bookish goodness!


Libby Diament of Diament Jewelry in Washington D.C. - Gift shopGrab your wine glass, and cheers with your book club friend as you share gifts. Libby from Diament Boutiques, one of our retailers, helped us out with this article about the best book club gifts!

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