7 Gifts For Avocado Lovers


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So, I don’t know about anyone else, but I freaking love avocados. Avocados are literally my life. As a plant based mom of 2 that are 2 and under, I have grown to depend on this amazing fruit. Not only is avocado my replacement for butter, but it is super healthy when eaten in moderation. No wonder avocados are all the rage.

Avocado Gift # 1

Extra Like Guac: One of our bestselling cards. I created this card with my favorite tex-mex chain in mind. Every time I order guac, they say, “It’s extra.” So, I made this card for all of my extra friends, who in fact know they are extra!

Avocado Gift # 2

Avocado Seed Planter: How cool is this gift? I recently purchased this seed planter and sure enough I have little roots sprouting. While it will be many, many, many years before this tree sprouts avocados, I love the idea of raising this little seed into a tree!


Avocado Gift # 3

Ready In My Own Time Enamel Pin: Ok, so again shameless plug! Our avocado pin is a great gift for the avocado lover in your life because as avocado lovers we know how important it is to leave them alone! Our pin is the embodiment of the avocado process, from growing the tree, to harvesting, to ripening and eventually eating! This avocado enamel pin also touches on anxiety and trusting the process. 

Avocado Gift # 4

Planter for your avocado plant: So this goes hand in hand with #2. If you are serious about growing an avocado tree, the seed will need plenty of space for the roots once they sprout. Avocado trees have really long roots and it’s important to give them space to breathe. While you keep the plant inside, you may as well give them a beautiful home to grow in! I love that this is a 2 pack!


Avocado Gift # 5

Avocado socks: Ok, these are just plain fun! I love wearing quirky socks. These make me feel nostalgic because growing up I always wore crazy socks and even mismatched them! 


Avocado Gift # 6

Avocado oil: So I cook with avocado oil daily. As a fellow avocado lover, I can’t’ help but love all of the benefits this oil provides. This is the one I use. This would be a great gift for someone who loves to cook or to anyone being introduced to a plant based lifestyle!


Avocado Gift # 7

Avocado Slicer: This little gadget is amazing. It makes avocado eating, that much easier! It is literally a 3-in-1 tool! Not only does it cut the avocado in half, but it also takes the pit out. ( I hate removing the pit!) the slicer also slices into even pieces. Can you say GAME CHANGER!?!

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