Celebrate Your Local Girl Gang

ORLANDO, FL. So this week I had the pleasure of meeting a few new vendors. I am by nature a bit of a hermit. I work on my own so much that I often forget to go out and actually meet people!

Having this sudden revelation a couple weeks ago, I decided to make a serious effort to reach out to the Girl Bosses in my area! 

So, that got me to thinking. Why not send a bunch of love and motivation in the mail!? I love that snail mail is such a simple gesture, but can carry so much gravity with it. Anytime, I send pretty mail to my girl gang, it is always received with love, gratitude and "exactly what I needed in this moment!"

What have you done for your Girl Gang lately? Pick up 3 cards for the cost of a cup of Coffee!

These are my top girl gang cards:

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