Creating Creativity

ORLANDO, FL. So a few days ago, I was scrolling instagram. One profile lead to another and another and I saw that a local company had recreated one of my best-selling cards. I was angry. I saw red. I had a flash of emotions and then I decided to let my feelings go. I let them go for two reasons:

1. I am in a space where I don't want to harp on negative feelings. There is so much negativity in the world and if I focus on that, that is all I will ever perpetuate. Instead I choose to focus on the good! 

2. I don't own words. Everyone is free to think, be, act. I read a book by by Elizabeth Gilbert called, "Big Magic." In the Book, Elizabeth talks about these idea fairies that move from person to person. It is very possible for two people to have the EXACT same thought. 

Also, I found this amazing quote from Maya Angelou. "You can't use up Creativity. The more you use, the more you have." 

This right here is so true. I feel like creativity is something that is constantly moving, forming, swirling, coming to the surface and receding. I realized that I just had to create more! More content, more cards, more designs. Yes, this was one of my best selling cards, BUT I could create more and have new best selling cards. Because someone potentially recreated my idea doesn't dim my success or my design. 

Comment below if you have ever had anything similar happen to you. How did you deal!?


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