LGBTQIA Cards Have Landed!

I am extremely happy to announce that our LGBTQIA cards have landed at Pretty Peacock Paperie. 

As many of you may know, we just had our big Summer 2019 new release. I am most proud of this release because I was able to touch on so many major subjects. This release was about being inclusive. We released LGBTQ cards, women's empowerment cards and new mother cards among other categories. 

When I was thinking about this portion of the line, I ran into some roadblocks. Would this community welcome an outsider? Would it be viewed as appropriating? What was an appropriate subject matter? How can I approach this without offending? 

As we all know, Pride month just happened. I honestly, did not want to release these cards during pride month. Crazy, I know! The reason for this is because I wanted to do this for the LGBTQIA community. I wanted to include them in my line, to truly be a part of the Pretty Peacock family. I noticed a lot of companies this year contributing to pride month. I did not want this release to be a show deemed a marketing move, because I genuinely care. 


Coming up with these LGBTQ cards was a labor of love. Many of my current customers are a part of this community, so I wanted to find a way to speak to them without overstepping. Enter my good friend Mark Daily. Mark and I became fast friends after I met him at one of my shows at Foxtail in the Hourglass District. I will never forget the day I met Mark. He walked into my booth at the end of the day and exclaimed, "Ok, so tell me a little about your business!" He was bubbly, friendly, and charming! (Everything I wished I was!) Mark, just months later, sold me and my husband our first home. So, we were chatting at one of my pop-ups about coming up with some cards, throwing ideas back and forth and could not quite work out the exact wording. However, the message and perspective was there. He told me that the card I had in mind would most likely be given AFTER someone was already out. (Mind = blown!) Duh, Natalie. Armed with a new perspective, set out to think through our creative banter. A couple days later, I text him this: 

My love for you grows because now you get to be your truest self. LGBTQ greeting cards.

SHOP: My Love For You Grows

He sent a quick Love it perfect! From there I expanded the idea of coming out. This is a major life event that I don't think is thought about often. I wanted to give a range of cards that was versatile. The card above could be given by a parent, sibling, partner, or a best friend. Our other cards in the collection:

Thanks for Always Being YouBecause of You, I have PrideYou Are My Person

SHOP: Thanks For Always Being You, Because of You I Have Pride, You Are My Person

Could also be given by a range of people. I wanted to also make sure that I had one card in the collection that was not the typical rainbow motif that we often see. You are my person is a card that I thought of because at the end of the day, we are all just people. We all want to grow, thrive, LOVE, and be free to be who and what we want. 

I hope that you all love these cards as much as I do. I am always so nervous to do new releases because I never know how they will be interpreted. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 



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